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Redbank School is a New South Wales (NSW) Department of Education School for Specific Purpose (SSP) located on the grounds of Westmead Hospital, Westmead. It is one of three specialist schools established to provide educational support for children and/or young people accessing mental health related treatment programs and services delivered by NSW Health.

Redbank School is strategically located next to Redbank House. Redbank House is the base for Perinatal, Child & Youth Mental Health Service teams that deliver services and supports for people living with mental health issues and their families and carers in the Western Sydney Local Health District. The school's specific purpose is to provide quality education for students experiencing acute mental illness and ongoing significant mental health related difficulties. The school also aims to build the capacity of school settings to support students who may be experiencing mental illness and/or mental health related difficulties.

Like all NSW public schools, Redbank School's core business is teaching and learning. Teachers employed at the school are fully qualified teachers and are NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) accredited teachers.

NESA provides the curriculum for Kindergarten to Year 12 in accordance with the NSW Education Act 1990. School educational programs must implement scope and sequence of learning that relate to the content and outcomes of NESA syllabuses. This includes Redbank School.

The Redbank House and Redbank School co-location brings teachers and clinicians together to assess, plan and implement need based, personalised programs and services for the students and their families. Shared objectives include enhancing the current educational and vocational functioning and future potential of the young people and prepare them for rewarding lives as engaged citizens in a complex and dynamic society.

Redbank School staff work consultatively and collaboratively with other members of the multidisciplinary team to support students to achieve their educational goals and aspirations. This may include the achievment of the Higher School Certificate (HSC) at Redbank School or in a mainstream school setting, further education and/or training and/or employment.

Every student's learning and wellbeing is monitored closely throughout enrolment and education focused planning meetings are held on a need basis. A formal review with the student and all key stakeholders is also held every semester to ensure students are progressing toward and/or achieving their educational goals and to ensure access to this level of intensive educational support continues to reflect the young person's educational needs.